Week in Review

Week in Review: ‘Fact checker’ full of spin


Week in Review: Our cause


Week in Review: Madison and Henderson


Week in Review: The merits

NPRI President Andy Matthews explains what’s wrong with a new study on the margin tax and why it’s important to focus critiques on the contents of a study.


Week in Review: Answering the Bell


Week in Review: Dominoes

NPRI toppled over 3,600 dominoes this week to demonstrate the impact of imposing a margin tax in Nevada. 


Week in Review: Our challenge


What are you reading?

NPRI President Andy Matthews suggests five books you should consider reading this summer.


Sick system

The real problem with health care, which Obamacare does nothing to address, is that consumers are barely involved in the health insurance equation. Somebody else — the government or, through what is essentially government subsidization, an employer — is paying. And because consumers are so far removed from the actual costs of health care, those competitive dynamics that push costs down in other markets are missing.


Summer getaway

Many families are gearing up for summer vacations, but for many Nevada teachers, summer break will be the start of a permanent vacation — from the teacher union.

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