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Reading Rainbow

“Reading Rainbow” is much more than a children’s literacy program. It’s proof that success can be found in the free market.


VA: Government health care runs its course

The VA scandal points to a larger problem with government and is a sign of the inevitable failure of liberal philosophy.


Playing favorites

For the better part of a year, taxpayers have been subsidizing the Culinary Union Local 226’s protests outside the Cosmopolitan, thanks to policing services comped by Las Vegas Metro. Despite saying it lacks the money to respond to minor traffic collisions, Metro continues to police the protests without seeking reimbursement from the union.


County proposes bribing current employees to cut pay for future employees

Clark County officials are offering a bribe to current employees so they can reduce compensation for future ones.


A tax hike not even liberals can love

The margin tax would be so destructive that even liberals hate it. Over the past two weeks, Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate Lucy Flores spoke out against the initiative, the AFL-CIO voted to oppose it and the Clark County Democratic Party declined to support the margin tax.



Lawyers with the Clark County School District are taking a nod from some of their more delinquent students when it comes to responding to our public records lawsuit against the district. CCSD’s lawyers have filed not one, not two, but three 30-day extensions for their answering brief. 



Hindsight is said to be 20/20, but you and I didn’t need to see the implementation of Obamacare to know it would have a disastrous impact on American families and come between many individuals and their doctors. 



This week, NPRI continued its commitment to keep government accountable and transparent by updating TransparentNevada.com with over 128,000 public-employee salary records. 


Voting to extend unemployment

This week, the Senate voted to extend long-term unemployment benefits, disregarding the fact that extending such benefits has been shown to increase the length of time people remain unemployed.


Truth about the Texas margin tax

Texas has already shown Nevada a margin tax is a bad bet. Join us in May to learn more about the Texas margin tax mistake.

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