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Homeschooling in Nevada: The Budgetary Impact

Home school students benefit school districts in the long run by relieving them of the total costs of educating them.

Nevada's 2003 Tax Increases

Underlying Assumptions and Resulting Impact

January 1, 2005 | by Robert Schmidt Ph.D. , Charles F. Barr

Tax collections are running far ahead of Task Force estimates, while many programs are requiring less money than forecasts suggested.

Nevada Education: Laying the Groundwork

December 17, 2004 | by Lezlie Porter B.A.

Education is Nevada's greatest budget priority, comprising nearly 55% of the state's budget. Even though Nevada leads the nation in terms of percentage of money spent on education, results on standardized tests remain near the national average. Such a performance record would put any investor in the private sector out of business. This study outlines three major problem areas - the economies, politics, and accountability of education in Nevada. The author recommends reforms that would improve the level of education in Nevada.

NPRI Education Roundtables

A Report by the Nevada Policy Research Institute

Can money alone cure the problems that ail Nevada's educational institutions?

First, Do No Harm:

Why American Health Care Policy is Failing, and How to Fix It

March 1, 2004 | by Randall J. Pozdena Ph.D.

The current U.S. health care system evolved out of attempts to pander to certain constituencies and to mimic policies of other countries - without understanding those policies' weaknesses.

Wasting Time and Money

Why So Many Nevada Students Are Not Ready for College

Nevada strains financially to provide publicly funding education, yet a major proportion of its high school graduates are not ready for college.

Nevada Public School Performance

Parents and Employers Give a Failing Grade

January 1, 2004 | by Robert Schmidt Ph.D. , Charles F. Barr

The performance of Nevada public schools, as seen through the eyes of parents and employers, is not a pretty picture.

Nevada's Proposed 2003-2005 Budget:

Review & Analysis

Many of the assumptions underlying the budget are inconsistent with both empirical and theoretical evidence.

Nevada's Chronic Overspending and How to Deal With It

January 15, 2003 | by Steven Miller

In recent decades a "Who Gets What" theory of government has come to dominate Nevada, the result being that state government has more and more degenerated into a tool for transferring some people's money into other people's pockets.

The Destructive Impact of a Gross Receipts Tax

January 1, 2003 | by Steven Miller

A gross receipts tax would create a whole new set of problems for Nevada's businesses and its citizens.

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