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Nevada Education: Laying the Groundwork

December 17, 2004 | by Lezlie Porter B.A.

Education is Nevada's greatest budget priority, comprising nearly 55% of the state's budget. Even though Nevada leads the nation in terms of percentage of money spent on education, results on standardized tests remain near the national average. Such a performance record would put any investor in the private sector out of business. This study outlines three major problem areas - the economies, politics, and accountability of education in Nevada. The author recommends reforms that would improve the level of education in Nevada.

NPRI Education Roundtables

A Report by the Nevada Policy Research Institute

Can money alone cure the problems that ail Nevada's educational institutions?

First, Do No Harm:

Why American Health Care Policy is Failing, and How to Fix It

March 1, 2004 | by Randall J. Pozdena Ph.D.

The current U.S. health care system evolved out of attempts to pander to certain constituencies and to mimic policies of other countries - without understanding those policies' weaknesses.

Wasting Time and Money

Why So Many Nevada Students Are Not Ready for College

Nevada strains financially to provide publicly funding education, yet a major proportion of its high school graduates are not ready for college.

Nevada Public School Performance

Parents and Employers Give a Failing Grade

January 1, 2004 | by Robert Schmidt Ph.D. , Charles F. Barr

The performance of Nevada public schools, as seen through the eyes of parents and employers, is not a pretty picture.

Nevada's Proposed 2003-2005 Budget:

Review & Analysis

Many of the assumptions underlying the budget are inconsistent with both empirical and theoretical evidence.

Nevada's Chronic Overspending and How to Deal With It

January 15, 2003 | by Steven Miller

In recent decades a "Who Gets What" theory of government has come to dominate Nevada, the result being that state government has more and more degenerated into a tool for transferring some people's money into other people's pockets.

The Destructive Impact of a Gross Receipts Tax

January 1, 2003 | by Steven Miller

A gross receipts tax would create a whole new set of problems for Nevada's businesses and its citizens.

Spare the Rods

The Free-Market Alternative to the Yucca Mountain Repository

November 1, 2001 | by D. Dowd Muska

There are many alternatives to burying used fuel from commercial reactors beneath Yucca Mountain. 


How Nevada's Biggest School District Can Save Millions in Transportation Costs

September 1, 2001 | by Robert C. Tauber

By conducting a competitive sourcing comparison of current and alternative student bus transportation services, the Clark County School District most likely would reduce operational costs by at least 10 percent, or some $4 million a year.

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