Do you have a case for us?

Limited time and resources will prevent CJCL from accepting all requests for assistance, and CJCL’s review process will ensure that its resources are used to the greatest public benefit. The following factors will be considered in selecting cases:

  • The public interest. CJCL is only interested in cases that will further the public interest. Making this determination will require an overall evaluation of public policy issues involved; whether the case will set legal precedent and have a broad impact; and whether there will be a reasonable chance of success.
  • Costs. Cases that present the possibility of substantial out-of-pocket expenses are not favored. Such cases may be accepted if there are significant public policy issues involved.
  • Financial ability. CJCL will not usually accept cases in which a potential damage award would be sufficient to justify retention of a private attorney or where the party seeking representation could afford to retain a private attorney.
  • Parties. CJCL is only interested in cases involving federal, state, or local governments. CJCL will not become involved in disputes between private individuals or businesses.
  • Criminal law. CJCL will NOT accept criminal law cases.

Please understand that we cannot provide legal advice unless and until the Center agrees to take your case. Until such time as CJCL enters a formal representation agreement with any potential client, private counsel should be sought to ensure protection of legal rights as certain legal actions are time-barred as a matter of law.

If you believe your case fits within the parameters for consideration, please send your contact information, relevant information, and copies of supporting documents by U.S. Mail or fax. Please note that these documents will not be returned. Also, please note that The Center CANNOT take requests for legal assistance by e-mail, phone, or in person.