Robert Fellner

Transparency Researcher

Robert Fellner is a transparency researcher at NPRI and joined the Institute in December 2013.

Recent Work

Time for the City of Mesquite to obey transparency law

Nevada city abandons previous compliance, obstructs public knowledge of employee compensation

July 31, 2014

After a local newspaper published a commentary on the City of Mesquite’s failure to provide compensation data for, the city provided the information.

North Las Vegas and Henderson plagued by the same problem

Collective bargaining prevents local governments from reigning in outlandish employee compensation

April 30, 2014

North Las Vegas and Henderson might seem like polar opposites, but under the surface, both face the same problem: The State of Nevada’s collective bargaining mandate for local governments severely restricts their ability to reduce or even limit employee compensation increases.

Three reasons most 'average' pension amounts mislead

April 29, 2014

Public pension systems often cite their average pension payout as evidence that their pension benefits are reasonable. Also, many defenders of public pension plans attempt to use these averages to counter evidence that pension benefits have become excessive in recent years. But, there's often problems with the numbers.

Tax hikers trying to avoid transparency

Sunshine Week shines a spotlight on governments hiding their spending

March 18, 2014

Las Vegas Metro and Henderson police want more money, but they don’t want taxpayers to see where their current funds are going. In honor of Sunshine Week, NPRI's researcher gives readers an inside look on obtaining public information from some agencies.