Victor Joecks

Executive Vice President

Victor Joecks is executive vice president at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and oversees the execution of NPRI's strategic plan and policy initiatives. These efforts have included NPRI successfully informing voters about the destructive impact of tax increase ballot measure, creating, which has received over 40 million page views and running campaigns that have decreased union members by thousands, including expanding that effort into a national coalition of over 100 organizations.

Recent Work

How the Taxpayer Protection Pledge ensures compromise, not capitulation

Pledge signers shape which policy proposals actually get presented

November 9, 2015

“Shaping the path,” a term used by brothers Chip and Dan Heath in their book Switch: How to change things when change is hard, describes how environmental factors change people’s behavior — often without conscious recognition.

Payday loan regulations designed to wipe out industry, limit consumer choice

September 15, 2015

Federal regulators are on the verge of imposing crushing new rules on the much-maligned payday loan industry.