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Mom-and-pop business worries about indirect impacts of margin tax

Small business owner sees costs increasing if margin tax passes, even through his business doesn’t meet $1 million threshold

September 24, 2014

Randy and Kathalynn Thwing may have to pick up their lives and move out of the state they’ve called home since the ‘80s if voters approve the margin tax this November, even though their long-time business wouldn’t be directly subjected to the tax.

Teacher-funded NSEA funds controversial social agenda

PLAN, ProgressNow received $100,000 from teacher unions in first quarter of 2014

June 19, 2014

Teachers’ dues payments to the union are regularly used to further political and social agendas that may conflict with the personal views and convictions of individual members.

Margin tax campaign financed almost entirely by teachers

Finance reports show union, few others, contributed to ballot initiative

June 18, 2014

Campaign finance reports reveal that almost all funding to support the proposed margin tax has come from Nevada teachers.

Metro comps Culinary Union over $195,000 in police costs

Simultaneously pushes a tax increase on Clark County residents

May 19, 2014

Las Vegas Metro for the last year has loudly lobbied public officials for a sales tax increase and — claiming poverty — has even reduced its public law-enforcement activity. All the while, however, the department was also gifting Culinary Union Local 226 with over $195,000 worth of free police services.

Firm auditing NVPERS pays $35 million for not detecting embezzlement

City comptroller stole nearly $54 million from city, bought ranch, 400 horses

May 14, 2014

The annual independent audit of the Nevada Public Employees Retirement System’s financials will be conducted by a firm that recently agreed to pay a city in Illinois $35 million after it failed to notice that the city’s comptroller had embezzled nearly $54 million from taxpayers over the 20 years during which the firm was conducting independent audits.

AFL-CIO abandons margin tax

May 2, 2014

It’s not often NPRI agrees with the AFL-CIO, but in the case of the economic problems that would come from the proposed margin tax, it seems everyone except the Nevada State Education Association understands the tax is terrible idea.

Margin tax could mean the death of long-time Las Vegas construction firm

Owner sees tax forcing her to shut down, lay off 70 employees

April 28, 2014

A Nevada business owner says the margin tax could put her long-time construction company out of business if it passes.

Unsustainable salaries become unsustainable: Reno edition

April 8, 2014

Thirty-five Reno firefighters and their families, as well as all city residents, are about to experience the pain that is the inevitable result of unsustainable salary and benefit increases.

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