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Celebrating School Choice Week in Nevada

Governor, CCSD superintendent, parents point to the need for educational options

January 24, 2012

Parents join Governor and CCSD superintendent in pushing for educational options.

CCSD trustees show change of heart on Policy Governance

Long-time supporters increasingly sounding like critics

December 22, 2011

Increasingly, veteran CCSD trustees sound more like Policy Governance® critics than the dedicated practitioners they were last year.

CCSD police issuing tickets on Nevada highways

Acting outside its statutory authority, CCSD-PD going where schoolchildren aren’t

November 2, 2011

Acting outside its statutory authority, CCSD-PD is handing out speeding tickets far away from schoolchildren.

A better school for your child?

Children not stuck in failing CCSD Title 1 schools

August 25, 2011

School choice is available for children currently stuck in failing CCSD Title 1 schools.

The school board strikes back

CCSD trustees to consider limiting Superintendent Jones’ autonomy

July 12, 2011

CCSD trustees will consider limiting Superintendent Jones' authority.

Change is harder for some folks

Chasm grows between Dwight Jones and the Clark County school board

July 7, 2011

The divide between Superintendent Dwight Jones and the Clark County school board is growing.

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