Karen Gray

Rude shocks and Nevada’s ‘open records’ law

A Sunshine Week review of how Nevada agencies respond to record requests

March 18, 2011

In honor of Sunshine Week, a review of how well Nevada agencies are responding to public-record requests.

Open-meeting-law fines: Solution or loop-hole?

Fines are no substitute for vigorous enforcement

March 3, 2011

Fines should not be a substitute for vigorous enforcement of current penalties.

Is CCSD preparing for a segregation lawsuit?

Legal counsel repeatedly claims attorney-client privilege

February 14, 2011

The legal status of the Clark County School District's desegregation plan remains an open question — one that the district refuses to clarify.

CCSD’s Westside story

How bureaucracies are marginalizing the children in West Las Vegas

February 1, 2011

How bureaucracies are marginalizing the educational opportunities of the children in West Las Vegas.

AG readies bid for subpoena powers over public bodies

Proposal faces many obstacles, objections

November 23, 2010

Masto's proposal faces many obstacles and objections.

The CCSD machine

School district active on all fronts to get, keep and control public money

October 28, 2010

Top officials in the Clark County School District have conducted large-impact, overtly political operations to ensure that maximum taxpayer dollars continue flowing into the district — regardless of the number of students it seriously fails.

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