Victor Joecks

Providing perspective on Nevada’s education funding

March 31, 2014

Yet another study finds there is little to no correlation between spending and student achievement. The question isn’t why hasn’t Nevada dramatically increased education spending, but why is no one being held accountable for Nevada’s dramatic increase in education spending while education outcomes have decreased?

Odds for success of PERS plan: roughly 1 in 12 quintillion

Nevada retirees risk seeing their benefits reduced as money runs short

January 15, 2014

Even by lax accounting standards, PERS' unfunded liability stands at $12.9 billion, with a funding level of under 70 percent. Based on its investment return over the past five years, the likelihood that PERS will be fully funded in 2033 is more than 1 in 12 quintillion.

New PERS report previews a slow-motion train wreck

Nevada taxpayers on the hook for unfunded liability of over $40 billion

December 4, 2013

Nevada taxpayers are on the hook for an unfunded liability of over $40 billion.

Grading the legislative session

Taxpayers lose big

November 26, 2013

Taxpayers lose big during 2013 Legislative Session.

Government has failed to solve Nevada's housing problems

Repeated government interventions have dragged out Nevada's housing slump

October 24, 2013

Repeated government interventions have prolonged Nevada’s housing slump.

Tentative CCSD teacher contract contains six different pay raises

Officials tried to keep agreement secret before vote at Thursday’s board meeting

September 24, 2013

CCSD officials tried to keep agreement secret before vote at Thursday’s board meeting.

CCSD air-conditioning woes unrelated to failure of tax-increase push

District narrative sets stage for another campaign to increase your taxes

September 5, 2013

District officials' narrative sets stage for another campaign to increase your taxes.

Backlash builds against judge’s decision in CCSD email case

August 22, 2013

What is one thing that NPRI, the ACLU, Nevada Press Association, liberal columnist Steve Sebelius, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board all agree on?

31 percent of Nevada workers want to leave their unions

Union restrictions make it difficult for members to opt out

August 1, 2013

Union restrictions make it difficult for unhappy members to opt out.

Milton Friedman: Remembering a man who changed the world

NPRI's upcoming luncheon celebrates his legacy and vision for school choice

July 25, 2013

NPRI’s upcoming luncheon celebrates Friedman's legacy and vision for school choice.

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