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Flores attacks Hutchison for Ďfalse factsí using falsehoods

October 8, 2014

On Monday, Lt. Gov. candidate and Assemblywoman Lucy Flores put out a press release attacking Lt. Gov. candidate and Sen. Mark Hutchison. Entitled “Hutchison Campaign Running on False ‘Facts.’”

Proposed CCSD teacher contract contains five types of pay increases

Pay increases are unrelated to performance, highlight need for collective bargaining reform

October 8, 2014

Clark County School District officials love secrecy. In the last month, they held invite-only meetings to consider teaching kindergartens about masturbation. CCSD is fighting a public-records lawsuit filed by NPRI seeking government email addresses. They also routinely provide little notice about how they plan to spend tax dollars.

Democratic Party trying to mislead on school choice in Senate race

Party sends out fliers filled with inaccurate assertions about school choice

September 18, 2014

While political fliers are rarely filled with reasoned or nuanced policy analysis, recent flyers paid for by the Democratic Party of Nevada contain so many inaccurate statements about school choice that a fact check is needed.

How do you leave a union you don't know you belong to?

August 14, 2014

Running Aug. 10-16, this coalition of 68 groups, including The Heritage Foundation, in 40 states is informing workers nationwide about their right to leave their union through radio ads, billboards, online ads, flyers and social media. Or in the case of home-care providers, these organizations are informing individuals for the first time that they may be part of a union and how to leave. 

Poll released showing 83 percent of Nevadans support Right-to-Work

August 12, 2014

NPRI released a poll showing that 82.9 of Nevadans support the concept of right-to-work.

New Clark County teachers donít have to join CCEA

New Clark County teachers donít have to join CCEA

July 24, 2014

As a new flood of teachers gear up to begin work at CCSD, the teacher union will be out in force gleaning for new members. Teachers in Nevada should know they don’t have to join the union and can save over $770 per year by foregoing membership.

Between July 1 and 15, teachers, support staff can leave union

Two-week window gives school district employees a chance to save $600 to $770+ a year

July 2, 2014

No teacher or support-staff professional in Nevada has to join their local affiliate of the Nevada State Education Association. Once they do, however, most can only leave by submitting written notice during the middle of their summer vacation. 

New Clark County teachers donít have to join CCEA

Educators will save over $770 if they donít obligate themselves to union membership

July 1, 2014

New teachers with the Clark County School District don't have to join the teacher union.

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