2010 government salaries now available on TransparentNevada

Victor Joecks

Head on over to NPRI’s TransparentNevada and check out the redesigned site featuring salary data from 2010.

In no particular order, here are my top five most unbelievable salaries received in 2010.
1. James M. Jackson, Chief Marshall, North Las Vegas: $792,834.99
2. Joseph K. Forti, Chief of Police, North Las Vegas: $773,136.12
3. Monica M. Simmons, City Clerk, Henderson: $628,430.48
5. Billie M. Bastian, Director of Leisure Services, Las Vegas: $348,140.76

I don’t know what the Director of Leisure Services does, but for $350K you sure could get a lot of leisure.

There’s a whole bunch more at TransparentNevada, including State of Nevada contracts, congressional disbursements and Clark County School District warrants (payments made by CCSD), so check it out.
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So which salary is your “favorite”? Remember, you’re paying for it.