A big step toward transparency

Andy Matthews

The Nevada Policy Research Institute this week cheered the news that Gov. Jim Gibbons signed an executive order calling for transparency in Nevada government. (Read the full text of the order here and NPRI's official response here.)

NPRI has been a leading advocate for more open and honest government (see here and here), and the Institute commends the governor for showing leadership on this important policy issue.

The movement toward government transparency has swept the nation. Nevada is now one of several states that have adopted transparency measures in one form or another, and the federal government has taken action as well.

Most important, the effort is a truly bi-partisan one, as Republicans and Democrats throughout the nation have embraced the concept of transparency.

The Silver State is no different. Even before this week's announcement from Nevada's Republican governor, the state controller, Democrat Kim Wallin, had taken an important step of her own by implementing transparency on her office's official website.

The effort to make government more accountable to taxpayers is a noble one, and Gibbons and Wallin ought to be applauded for leading the way.