A changing climate

Andy Matthews

A friend and NPRI supporter has called to our attention some recent comments by John Coleman, who founded The Weather Channel and is now with KUSI-TV in San Diego. Coleman has some harsh words for Al Gore and his brethren in the environmentalist movement, and makes the case (and a compelling one, at that) that there is a direct link between overblown global warming alarmism and skyrocketing gas prices.

Read the whole thing here.

For years now we've been told that the fact of man-made global warming is "settled science" and that it is blasphemous even to question the conclusions of Gore, et al. Opinion polls suggested the public were mostly willing to fall in line, probably because one, it's better to be safe than sorry, and two, acquiescing to the environmentalist movement was causing most people no direct discernable harm.

But with gas prices now up over $4 a gallon, the latter of those two arguments has become increasingly difficult to make. As Coleman convincingly argues, there is indeed a direct correlation between "green" policies (e.g. making domestic oil off-limits to drilling) and high energy costs, which have caused and will continue to cause extreme hardship for ordinary Americans.

So now the question is: How much longer will the public be willing to play along with the environmentalists on energy policy? The guess here is the game may soon be up. Indeed, the tide seems to be turning already.