A majority don’t graduate UNLV or UNR within 6 years

Patrick Gibbons

In the 1978 comedy classic National Lampoon's Animal House, after members of Delta House learn they are being expelled from campus, Bluto (John Belushi) laments to his fraternity brothers, "seven years of college, down the drain."

Back in 1978 that joke merited riotous laughter from the audience. In 2009 Nevada, however, that joke reflects reality.

A mere 41 percent of students attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas graduate within six years. Only 32 percent of African-Americans and 37 percent of Hispanics graduate within that period.

At the University of Nevada, Reno, just 48 percent graduate within six years. Only 37 percent of African-Americans and 41 percent of Hispanic students do so.

Over half of college students in Nevada cannot graduate within six years. This is no laughing matter.

The Nevada System of Higher Education has more than likely been actively recruiting high school students who, statistically, stand little chance of graduating college. Nevada's higher ed system is making big promises of a better life for many students, but given NSHE's dismal performance the only things guaranteed are debt and disappointment.