A plan for Nevada: Follow PLAN’s actions

Victor Joecks

As the Legislature opens today, it's appropriate to share a good budget plan from a surprising source – PLAN.

You may have heard of PLAN – the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. They're the small group cheerleading attempts to raise your taxes and increase spending at the Legislature.

So why should Nevada follow PLAN's actions?

Because when it comes to its own organization (which it can't fund by taking your money), PLAN knows how to balance a budget – cut spending by 20 percent!

PLAN was hit hard by the economic downturn. But we developed a plan to ensure we move forward with our core mission intact. We cut our budget by 20 percent through a combination of staff layoffs, reduction in hours, and voluntary pay cuts.

Cut the budget by 20 percent while keeping its core mission intact? Now that sounds like a plan we can all support for Nevada – even PLAN.