Are there any scientists who think global warming alarmism is a hoax?

Victor Joecks

Earlier this week in the Las Vegas Sun, Dennis Nelson wrote a letter to the editor attacking George Will’s column criticizing global-warming alarmism. Nelson took Will to task for not citing any scientists opposed to global warming.

Most notably, Mr. Will does not mention a single scientific organization, professional association or academic institution of any national or international standing that takes the position that global warming is a hoax.

Now, Will’s column was all about how global-warming alarmists are downplaying news that the earth hasn’t been warming since 1998, but I’d like to respond to Mr. Nelson. Are there any scientists who are indeed doubtful that global warming poses the grave threat we’re constantly being told it does?

Yes. More than 31,700 scientists, including over 9,000 with Ph.D.’s, have signed a petition from saying they do not believe the evidence shows human activity is causing global warming, and even saying that releasing more CO2 into the air might be a good thing.

Here’s a copy of the pledge each scientist has signed.

Tens of thousands of scientists have signed this petition saying they do not believe human activity is causing global warmingThe PetitionProject website also includes peer-reviewed research and evidence that contradicts the arguments of the global-warming-alarmism crowd.

Remember this the next time someone like Dennis Nelson tries to argue or imply that every scientist agrees on global warming.