Are you a liberty “nerd”?

Victor Joecks

Welcome to the club. The Campaign for Liberty has a pretty hilarious list of liberty “nerd” eccentricities.

Here are some of my favorites. How many describe you?

…You have to cancel a date because you forgot to write your blog about why capitalism defeats socialism.
…Your classmates ask you questions about economics and civics because your political science professor can’t answer them.
…The length of a liberty nerds conversation is in direct proportion to the odds of it ending at Mises vs. Friedman.
…You know the names of your U.S. and state representatives and senators who represent you in each district.
…Your idea of a fun Friday night is passing out liberty fliers, bumper stickers and copies of the Constitution at a socialists convention in your city.
…When you’re at work and a customer mentions bailouts, war or anything else in the news and every employee there looks at you, expecting a comment.
…Your kindergartener gets in trouble at school for calling Hillary Clinton a socialist.
…You’ve used the term “Austrian Economics” multiple times today.