Are you scared yet?

Victor Joecks

If not, you obviously haven’t been paying enough attention to the Brookings Institution’s global-warming scare mongering. Be afraid, be very afraid.

In glum terms, an expert on Arctic politics told an audience at UNLV this week that if nothing is done to combat climate change, the United States could be thrown into an epic battle for Arctic supremacy.

With the Arctic – the ice mass at the top of the world that separates Russia from Alaska, Greenland and Canada – melting at a rapid pace, its usually frozen waterways are opening up and sea levels are rising. This could expose the U.S. to a variety of problems, from oil wars to fights over territory to the inundation of dozens of major American coastal cities, said Charles Ebinger, director of the Brookings Institution’s Energy Security Initiative.

The melting of the Arctic ice cap could mean the submersion of entire countries and the relocation of tens of millions of people, including residents of American islands and territories who are vulnerable to the rising sea.

Because of Nevada’s untapped renewable energy potential, the state could play a role in the solution, Ebinger said before the talk. If adequate transmission infrastructure can be built, secure, emission-free electricity could replace the polluting power sources of millions of Americans, reducing the output of greenhouse gases and slowing climate change.

Do nothing and the consequences for everyone could be dire, he told an audience of students and academics Wednesday evening. The ice pack has shrunk nearly 80 percent since the 1980s, causing ocean temperatures to change. That could destroy the Gulf Stream and the stability of key allies such as Great Britain, which depend on it for its temperate climate.

At the same time, rising seas would flood islands from Hawaii to the Azores, threatening people, wildlife and even strategic military bases.

So, are you scared now?

I hope not, because there are quite a few things the article fails to mention regarding global warming. First, the earth’s temperature has been decreasing for the past 11 years, and here’s the chart to prove it:

Since the earth has been cooling for 11 years, scare mongering scientists now prefer the term climate change. Because as you can see, the climate is always changing.

If the ice is still melting while the earth’s temperature is steadily decreasing, how is a job-killing, cap-and-tax bill that is supposed to lower the temperature going to help?

Second, the global-warming experts are predicting that this cooling trend will continue for the next 10 to 20 years.

Think about the double bind global warming alarmists are in. If the earth continues cooling – as they have predicted – man-made global warming looks more and more laughable. But if the earth warms unexpectedly, all they’ve shown is that their future predictions are completely unreliable.

There’s a reason more than 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying that do not believe that man is causing global warming.