As the August recess winds down, a final chance to Tea Party it up

Victor Joecks

As August comes to an end and our congressmen prepare to head back to D.C. next week, it’s amazing to think about the message sent by ordinary Americans to their representativesno to socialism, yes to freedom.

Sadly, Nevada’s senators haven’t given their constituents the same opportunity. Sen. Reid has called Americans like these “evil-mongers” and Sen. Ensign has apparently been too busy to have a real town-hall meeting. Both have claimed to be holding telephone town halls, but only Sen. Reid has scheduled one. It’s supposedly to be held today at some point, but I wouldn’t know because Sen. Reid wouldn’t allow me to participate.

That’s not good enough for Nevada’s citizens, and they have made their voices heard. One place they did that this week was outside the Four Seasons Hotel, where Sen. Reid answered pre-selected questions in front of a paying Chamber of Commerce crowd. I shot some video of those patriotic Americans, but unfortunately, I have not been able to edit it as quickly as I told some attendees I would. (If you were there, my sincerest apologies. I’m going to try to work something together over the weekend.)

All that being said, there still is one more chance to make your voice heard, meet fellow freedom lovers and have a great time. The Tea Party Express Bus is coming to Nevada. It features musicians, speakers and a late edition – Kenneth Gladney, who was beaten by SEIU members. Times and locations after the jump.

Saturday, August 29 at 12:30 pm: Winnemucca, NV: Winners Hotel & Casino, 185 W. Winnemucca Blvd.
Saturday, August 29 at 4:30 pm: Elko, NV: Convention Center (across street, near tennis courts), Moran Way & College Avenue
Sunday, August 30 at 11:30 am: Ely, Nevada: County Park (upper area near the tables), Aultman & 9th Streets
Monday, August 31 at 11:00 am: Las Vegas, NV: Sports Center of Las Vegas,121 E. Sunset Road

For more information, visit I hope to see you at the one in Las Vegas.

Unlike union protests, the Tea Party bus brings the entertainment, not the crowds.

Sen. Reid is also going to appear in front of a couple of very friendly crowds in Reno and Las Vegas in the next couple of days. Here are the details:

Join Organizing for America to build support for Sen. Harry Reid’s work on health insurance reform. The Reno event is Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Davidson School, 1164 N. Virginia St.
Click here to register.

The Las Vegas event will be Monday at 5 p.m. at the UNLV Student Union. Space is limited and registration is required.
Click this link to register.

If you go, take a camera and be safe.