Authoritarian salaries

Patrick Gibbons

*A disgruntled UNLV professor riding on his high horse to civilize Nevada.

Remember those academic authoritarians at UNLV who wanted to civilize native Nevadans via military force (or at least a force of enlightened men like them)? Yes, those gentlemen were unhappy that Nevadans – real or imagined – preferred gambling and drinking rather than paying taxes to support fine art, music, theatre and the professors’ salaries.

Speaking of salaries, NPRI acquired more public-worker salaries last week. So how much are these UNLV professors making?

*Dr. William M. Epstein made $139,633.01 in 2009, with $111,576.96 in base salary.

*Dr. William N. Thompson made $71,366.22 in 2009, with $57,587.52 in base salary.

Both are paid well above the personal per capita income in Nevada of $38,578.

Yup, nothing feels better than being degraded by well-off Ivory Tower elitists who hold jobs subsidized by the very people they appear to loathe.

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