Ballot Harvesting Opens the Door to Voter Fraud

How confident are you that Nevada’s elections are free and fair? Election integrity is crucial if voters are to have confidence in how we select our leaders.

Ballot harvesting is the practice of volunteers collecting mail-in ballots, rather than voters submitting the ballots themselves. It once was a felony in Nevada but was passed into law in 2020. This now common practice of ballot harvesting damages Nevada’s election integrity.

Want to learn more about how ballot harvesting undermines Nevada elections? Get our exclusive report, “Ballot Harvesting Opens the Door to Fraud.”

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  • See how ballot harvesting opens up opportunities for fraud and takes advantage of others, particularly elderly, sick and new voters;
  • Understand the dangers of entrusting individuals with multiple ballots; and
  • Learn why Nevada has one of the most freewheeling ballot harvesting laws in the country, even more permissive than those in neighboring California.

This report contains vital insight into the ticking time bomb that ballot harvesting represents. Download your copy today and join us in the journey to ensure free and fair elections in the Silver State. 

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