Andy Matthews

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There’s really no appropriate way to begin this week’s column other than to say: Thank you.

Last night, we at NPRI held our 22nd Anniversary Celebration at The Venetian | The Palazzo Las Vegas, and the event was a major success by all measures.

It was wonderful to see so many long-time friends and supporters of NPRI, who gathered to help us celebrate our recent successes and to recommit ourselves to the fight for our shared ideals.

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for those of you who joined us, or for the volunteers who helped make the night a success, or the members of our staff who have been working long hours in recent weeks to make sure we were ready to go last night. And of course, the good folks at the Venetian went above and beyond, as they do every year, to make the event a truly classy affair.

Again, to all of you, I say: Thank you.

Those of you who attended heard an inspiring and uplifting speech from Dr. Larry Arnn, the president of Hillsdale College. It was a beautiful speech — and that word, “beautiful,” really seems like the appropriate word to describe it. It’s a word Dr. Arnn used himself last night several times in his remarks.

We in the free-market movement use lots of different words to describe the ideas for which we fight. We call those ideas “sound” or “fundamental” or “effective.” But Dr. Arnn reminded us last night that while that’s all true, those ideas are also beautiful.

Freedom is a truly beautiful thing — indeed, one of the most beautiful ideas ever conceived. It’s good for us to be reminded of that every once in a while, and so my final “thank you” goes to Dr. Arnn, for providing that reminder.

Until next time,

Andy Matthews
NPRI President

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