Best of the Nevada blogosphere featuring Fellner and Mitchell

Victor Joecks

This week, I think I should call the “Best of the Nevada blogosphere” awards the “Posts I wish I had written” awards, because man, I wish I had written these two posts.

Just some great content and terrific writing from Robert Fellner at Grim’s Grumblings and Thomas Mitchell at 4th St8.

  • In the nanny state that is modern America, do parents have any rights left?, by Robert Fellner at Grim’s Grumblings

    What it’s about and why it’s a great post: The news hook is a story about a government bureaucrat deciding a preschooler’s mom didn’t pack a healthy enough lunch and giving the child chicken nuggets instead, but what’s really great here is Fellner’s examination of the principles at stake in this case. Fellner clearly shows the choice before us – liberty or continuing on the road to serfdom.

    The money line: The ends do not justify the means. They cannot. The goal of creating a healthier society is a laudable one. So, too, are the efforts to create a more charitable society, or a thoughtful, or caring, or compassionate one. And so on. None of these goals justify the use of force, as a means in which to achieve them. You can not craft a more just, healthier, or fair society by employing an immoral method for doing so. A starting point of denying the rights of some, so that many may prosper, is incompatible with a free society and is the hallmark of tyranny. There is nothing moral about using force to have others behave in a more charitable manner.

  • Nevada must go hat in hand to Congress to plead for use of its own land, by Thomas Mitchell at 4th St8

    What it’s about and why it’s a great post: The issue of the federal government owning 85 percent of the state is something that should infuriate everyone in Nevada. Mitchell does a great job detailing the history of this and expressing the outrage that comes so naturally when you realize Nevada isn’t equal to the other states. He’s reached out to several elected officials, and I’ll be curious to see what, if anything, he hears back from them.

    The money line: The meek may inherit the earth, but meekly asking the Kremlin on the Potomac won’t get you a square-inch of your own land.

    Nevada’s delegation – for the third freaking time, for crying out loud – has petitioned the representatives of the other 49 states for permission to use a few acres of the unappropriated lands within its own boundaries for campuses for higher education. The same supplication foundered in 2008 and 2009.

I know blogging was a bit light here at Write on Nevada this week. The good news is that, listed below, there’s a host of center-right blogs in Nevada. And while we greatly value your readership here at Write on Nevada, I encourage you to browse these blogs as well. If you’d like me to add your blog, please leave it in the comments.

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