Best of the Web (Nevada edition)

Victor Joecks

Dullard Mush: Will the real Dean Heller please stand up? (Twitter edition).

Jim Rose: Know nothing? You’re hired!

A great idea from Needs of the Many: Obama should regulate the pay of union bosses. Where’s a little government intervention when you really need it?

Chuck Muth: The Sun endorses vouchers … for government cars, not children.

Kickin’ up Dust!: Could Tweeting lead to more responsible government?

CityLife blog: Connecting the dots between Reid, Rogich and a train to no where.

Shamelessly Google bombing a trending story at Right of Course.

Test your knowledge of the 2009 Nevada Legislative Session with the RGJ’s quiz.

Wall Street Journal: When sleep leaves you tired. If anyone has tried out the Zeo device, I would love to know what you think.

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