Best of the web: Searching the internets, so you don’t have to

Victor Joecks

SinCityExpress: Harry Reid voted for the bill that bans travel to Las Vegas by federal agencies.

Blogger may finally find a date: launches.

Elizabeth Crum: Urge your congressman to read the health care bill. Now that Reid has delayed the health care vote until after the August recess, he or she should have plenty of time.

Reason TV: Video exponential increases interest in free trade. I’m just impressed they got their boss to sign off on that vid.

Michael Ramirez cartoon: Meet the uninsured.

Burt Folsom: A historical example of how to (successfully) deal with 11.7 percent unemployment.

Compare and contrast: A government apology vs. a private sector apology.

AnnOnn Everything: Sometimes I lie.

Why wait for health care?: TX Gov. Perry threatens to assert Texas’ 10th Amendment rights over nationalized health care.