Best two-paragraph description of Nevada’s budget situation so far

Victor Joecks

It’s been encouraging to see many of Nevada’s most respected political journalists accurately describing Nevada’s budget situation since NPRI pointed out that the claim of a “$3 billion budget deficit” contained a 30 percent increase in spending.

Rarely, though, is Nevada’s budget situation spelled out as clearly as the RJ’s Ed Vogel did today.

A $5.2 billion budget would be about $1.2 billion less than current state spending.

Some legislators have contended that the revenue shortfall facing legislators is $3 billion. That is based on their view that revenue should be $8 billion to maintain current services and expected caseload growth over the next two years.

There it is – the truth in three sentences.

This accurate description of Nevada’s budget situation doesn’t mean the debate’s over, however.

Now fiscal conservatives need to make the case that it’s better to decrease spending by about 20 percent and live within our means than to increase spending by 30 percent and continue Nevada’s pattern of unsustainable spending increases.