Culinery union

Surprise, surprise

Members of the Las Vegas City Council voted Wednesday to keep two ballot initiatives proposed by the Culinary Union off of the July ballot.


Got despotism?

The City of Las Vegas’ redevelopment plan is being challenged by Culinary Local 226 in the upcoming June election.  Culinary has secured enough signatures to place two initiatives on the ballot that would (1) require voter approval for individual lease-purchase agreements and (2) repeal the city’s current redevelopment plan. The City has proposed to issue general obligation bonds to finance, among other things, a new $267 million city hall.  The project would burden local taxpayers with a significant amount of debt at a time when they can least afford it.


Culinary Union to offer fries with latest whopper

In an effort to support Barrack Obama, the Culinary Union has resorted to telling outright distortions of the truth.


Defeating the unions

A recent Las Vegas Business Press article notes the growing strength of union membership in Nevada despite the national trend. Across the nation, unions have been greatly weakened thanks to global trade and market competition.

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