How deep America's fiscal hole is


The way back for Nevada


Follow the leader


Lessons from the Great Depression


Cartoon: Pass the bill


Local businesses react to economic conditions. Why is government immune?


The Left and the poor

The Las Vegas Review-Journal editorializes today on President Obama's abandonment of his pledge to implement tax increases only on "the rich."


Regulation should protect consumers, not stifle competition

Nevada's interior-design laws prohibit unlicensed interior designers from operating in Nevada. Ostensibly, the law was passed to protect consumer safety and health. It sounds plausible. After all, we're always hearing about new regulations put in place to protect consumer health and safety.  However, we find no trace of Nevada citizens being maimed or killed by unlicensed interior designers before this law was passed.


Leno on the de facto governmental takeover of GM

Jay Leno understands what the government's nationalization of GM means.


Leading by example

Timothy Geithner's national leadership on fiscal accountability is inspiring state lawmakers across the country.

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