Are privately funded toll roads coming to Nevada?

Not if Sen. Mike Schneider, D-Las Vegas, gets his way.


Don't play with fire

This weekend, a commentary by Geoffrey Lawrence, a fiscal policy analyst at NPRI, appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, criticizing the ridiculously over-the-top pay of Clark County firemen. Fortunately for the firemen, their PR department has done a good job of convincing many people that they, like teachers and police officers, are sacrosanct entities and beyond human criticism.


Solving Nevada's budget shortfall

Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Jim Rogers has outlined his plan for increasing government revenue.  He proposes a mixture of raising fees, raising taxes, borrowing and begging.


Running in circles

Imagine a dog chasing its own tail. Why does it do that? Does it actually think it will catch the tail? Now imagine 150 of Southern Nevada 's top political and economic leaders running in circles, chasing their own tales of woe and the wonders that could be – given enough tax money. It's an image that gets you to the essence of the recent forum hosted by UNLV and the Brookings Institute in Las Vegas to consider recent a Brookings policy report.


The anatomy of a crisis

Nevada's economy faces more trouble than does that of any other state in the country. Rising energy costs, a severe stock market slump and a total collapse of the housing market have led to lower profits, less disposable income for tourists to spend and lower tax revenue.


Corporate Welfare

The Reno Gazette-Journal lamented the loss of Reno's innovative wind-power generator manufacturing company Mariah Power by writing, "Lack of available talent and the short-term $1.8 million interest-free loan offered by Youngstown, Ohio, is what caused Mariah Power to move its manufacturing plant out of state."


Eating cake and having it too

While I'm always impressed with the depth of research done by the center-left Brookings Institution, its conclusions sometimes leave a lot to be desired. In this case, its conclusion is downright ironic.

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