The dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared in mid-March that greenhouse gases are dangerous to human health and requested permission from the White House to regulate the gases. However, there is a significant risk that Dihydrogen Monoxide — which, once heated, is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas — may be overlooked, as the EPA has chosen instead to focus on Carbon Dioxide.


"Climate change" policy could harm free trade

The movement to combat climate change is probably more about government control of the economy and ending free trade than anything else. Already some are calling for protectionist measures in the name of "saving the planet."


You gotta spend money to waste money

Las Vegas CityLife recently printed an article on how to produce $1 billion in revenue for the state.  Most of it would result from legalizing certain industries like prostitution, online gambling, marijuana and gay marriage.  But what kind of philosophy justifies legalizing something just for the sake of taxing it?


Cool It

According to environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg, the earth is indeed growing warmer, and humans are causing it. Bjorn believes that by the year 2100 the average temperature on Earth will be 2.6 degrees warmer than it is today. Unlike many environmentalists, Lomborg is very interested in the cost-benefits of climate change.


Running in circles

Imagine a dog chasing its own tail. Why does it do that? Does it actually think it will catch the tail? Now imagine 150 of Southern Nevada 's top political and economic leaders running in circles, chasing their own tales of woe and the wonders that could be – given enough tax money. It's an image that gets you to the essence of the recent forum hosted by UNLV and the Brookings Institute in Las Vegas to consider recent a Brookings policy report.


Growing green

The Las Vegas Sun trotted out some bad economics this week in an attempt to prove that "green energy" creates growth. NPRI explores some of the true costs of green energy mandates.


If it is not sustainable, it won't be sustained

SustainLane Media recently ranked Las Vegas 47th out of 50 U.S. cities in terms of "sustainability."  After looking at the subcategories of what constitutes "sustainability," I have to say: whoopty-do.


The Government can't create jobs

Recently the Center for American Progress and the Nevada Conservation League partnered to report on the economic impact of federal investments in clean energy in Nevada.


Who killed the 65mpg car?

A few years back a left-of-center "documentary" titled "Who Killed the Electric Car" pointed the finger at GM as a member of some oil cabal trying to maintain the dominance of gas-powered cars for all eternity. Ironically, GM had done more than any other company in researching and developing the electric car.

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