How deep America's fiscal hole is


Snort: CCSD says it's totally cool Obama didn't pay his campaign bill for four years


Obama: I didn't do a good enough job selling the stimulus


Obama calls for more education spending - in school district his campaign stiffed on $25,000 bill for four years


8.2 percent unemployment yet another reminder: Obama, Reid stimulus was an epic failure


Obama to public: ACA not a tax increase; Obama in court: ACA's a tax increase


Story from NPRI's Nevada Journal picked up by Drudge, Rush, Fox News, Hot Air, Bill O'Reilly


Obama to tout green energy 'investments' at solar facility employing 5 workers, relying on $54 million in taxpayer subsidies


Chart: America's per-capita debt is higher than Greece


Nevada students received extra credit for volunteering for the Obama campaign; Update: Students received class credit

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