A brief history of Project Labor Agreements in Clark County


NOT a parody


Will Horsford stop the NSEA from preventing true ed reform?

In a recent Las Vegas Sun article, Nevada State Education Association President Lynn Warne criticizes State Senator Steven Horsford (D). "If he represents the children," said Warne, "why has he represented them in such a way that has left them sitting in overcrowded classrooms with lack of supplies and teaching materials?"


How will teachers' unions respond to robot teachers?

Many Americans seem upset that jobs are being "outsourced" overseas. Others are upset with Mexicans who immigrate, legally or otherwise, and are taking "American jobs." Both groups are worried about cheap labor "taking our jobs."


Surprise, surprise

Members of the Las Vegas City Council voted Wednesday to keep two ballot initiatives proposed by the Culinary Union off of the July ballot.


Got despotism?

The City of Las Vegas’ redevelopment plan is being challenged by Culinary Local 226 in the upcoming June election.  Culinary has secured enough signatures to place two initiatives on the ballot that would (1) require voter approval for individual lease-purchase agreements and (2) repeal the city’s current redevelopment plan. The City has proposed to issue general obligation bonds to finance, among other things, a new $267 million city hall.  The project would burden local taxpayers with a significant amount of debt at a time when they can least afford it.


The untenable nature of NV state employee pay raises

The ongoing recession has drawn attention recently to the lavish pay raises enjoyed by Nevada's state government workers.  However, what has been lost on many observers is that the pay structure for state workers suffers from a systemic problem.  Pay raises for state workers are far out of line with what workers in the private sector earn even during periods of robust economic growth.


Workplace safety has improved

The Las Vegas Sun editorial board once again has written about workplace safety and the "need" to increase regulatory costs and oversight. Citing as anecdotal evidence the 12 construction tragedies in the last 19 months on the Las Vegas Strip, the Sun makes the outrageous claim that President Bush has stripped the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of its power and placed all Americans' lives at risk in their workplace.


Solving Nevada's budget shortfall

Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Jim Rogers has outlined his plan for increasing government revenue.  He proposes a mixture of raising fees, raising taxes, borrowing and begging.


Citizen security force?

In English parliamentary elections just after World War II, Winston Churchill found himself on the defensive against a well mobilized Labour Party. The Labour Party had argued that "planning had won the war," so "planning would win the peace."

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