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Reid: Yucca plan nixed

From Bloomberg...


News article or op-ed?

You be the judge:


The media, biased?

Why would you ever say something like that?


You gotta spend money to waste money

Las Vegas CityLife recently printed an article on how to produce $1 billion in revenue for the state.  Most of it would result from legalizing certain industries like prostitution, online gambling, marijuana and gay marriage.  But what kind of philosophy justifies legalizing something just for the sake of taxing it?


While you were away

The holiday season may bring families together, but sometimes it also takes us away from the world around us.  Here is some news you may have missed over the past few days.


The pampered Queen

In Brian Greenspun's latest column on the auto bailout (see our blog post, Big Three Theft about it), the Las Vegas Sun editor relies on an interesting take on history to paint the senators who voted against the bailout in a bad light. Greenspun says that the bailout's failure in the Senate produced "a shining moment for the people in Congress who hung tough for ideological reasons."


Real Impact

We have heard the words "economic impact" a lot lately in the news. "Bob's Public Relations Firm" has an $X economic impact in Nevada, says the newspaper.  But what does that mean?


Cool It

According to environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg, the earth is indeed growing warmer, and humans are causing it. Bjorn believes that by the year 2100 the average temperature on Earth will be 2.6 degrees warmer than it is today. Unlike many environmentalists, Lomborg is very interested in the cost-benefits of climate change.


Workplace safety has improved

The Las Vegas Sun editorial board once again has written about workplace safety and the "need" to increase regulatory costs and oversight. Citing as anecdotal evidence the 12 construction tragedies in the last 19 months on the Las Vegas Strip, the Sun makes the outrageous claim that President Bush has stripped the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of its power and placed all Americans' lives at risk in their workplace.

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