Culinary Union to offer fries with latest whopper

In an effort to support Barrack Obama, the Culinary Union has resorted to telling outright distortions of the truth.


Down at the DNC

In her speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton said something that probably won't get much media attention but that caught my ear nonetheless for the stunning economic illiteracy it revealed.


Defeating the unions

A recent Las Vegas Business Press article notes the growing strength of union membership in Nevada despite the national trend. Across the nation, unions have been greatly weakened thanks to global trade and market competition.


Pink slips for the poor

Today (July 24, 2008) a new federally mandated minimum wage took effect, jumping from $5.85 to $6.55 per hour. The $0.70 jump represents more than an 11 percent increase over last year.


Trade-offs: the hidden cost of safety regulation

Your salary is only a fraction of the cost of your employment. Employers must factor in payroll taxes, health-care benefits, and days of vacation and sick leave to calculate your total cost to their budget. On top of this, any other regulation the government imposes upon the company factors not only into your employer’s bottom line, but into yours as well.

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