Where is PLAN's outrage over tax plan to soak the poor?

AB277 and AB255 would more than double the taxes on tobacco and alcohol. Why haven't we heard any outrage from PLAN?


Count Taxula

The great thing about government transparency and freedom of information is that the government can't get away with bald-faced lies for very long. So, though the governing class hopes citizens will be left standing ignorantly in the dark while politicians blow billions of dollars on their chums and sponsors, we can still shine light on their nefarious – although, of course, "well intentioned" – activities. The key thing is knowing the right question to ask.


Gibbons caves, accepts federal stimulus funds

The bad news is Gov. Gibbons announced yesterday that he would accept $77 million of federal stimulus money. Nevada must use the money to expand its unemployment program. The good news is that he may change his mind tomorrow.


The free market at work in Nevada: creative destruction

Everyone's heard the news about Nevada's unemployment rate breaking the 10 percent mark, and we probably all know people who are affected by businesses that are shutting down. What's often not reported are the new jobs that are being created.


Sen. Coffin proposes bill to tax prostitution

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.


Where is this deregulation you speak of Ms. Maddow?

Rachel Maddow, the dogmatic, left-wing host of an MSNBC "news-based" show, asserted last week that deregulation not only caused the world financial crisis, but that deregulation is causing average Americans to increasingly become impoverished. Although the facts don't square at all with Maddow's misconceptions, many Americans share her outlook.


Assembly Ways and Means committee wants to enable Nevada's boom-bust cycle

And unfortunately, their vote was unanimous. The Assembly Ways and Means committee unanimously passed AB469, designed to force Gov. Jim Gibbons' hand in accepting all of the stimulus money for unemployment benefits for which Nevada is eligible.


Are privately funded toll roads coming to Nevada?

Not if Sen. Mike Schneider, D-Las Vegas, gets his way.


TV tonight: Stossel takes on the bailouts

Before you head out tomorrow to the budget town halls, check out John Stossel's new special report, called Bailouts, Big Spending, and Bull.


Questions that should be answered at Saturday's town hall meetings on Nevada's budget

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 14, is a chance for residents in Las Vegas and Reno to tell some of Nevada's legislative leaders what they think about the state's budget and the third largest tax increase in Nevada's history. The best part is that you don't have to go to Carson City. You can participate in a town hall held in Las Vegas or Reno.

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