Nevada is No. 1 in the nation

Recently I reported that Nevada ranked No. 1 (excluding D.C) for under-reporting per-pupil spending in K-12 education. I recently discovered Nevada has another No. 1 education ranking in which it smashes the competition: debt-to-expenditure ratio.


Moving on up

Nevada's actual per-pupil spending in 2006 was $9,738 (total expenditures divided by student population). That figure is 32.5 percent higher than the state's reported official figure of $7,345.


My bad

Well, you can't be right all the time; I'm not omniscient, after all. Last week I reported Nevada's per-pupil spending to be $8,926. But I was wrong: It's higher.


Sunburned by the facts

The Las Vegas Sun continues its assault on education budget cuts, this time claiming that the cuts will destroy our economy. Not so fast, Las Vegas Sun editorial board. Let's inject some facts into this debate.


Just the facts

The Las Vegas Sun has published several articles and op-eds, almost one a day over the last week and a half, lamenting our budget and educational funding "crisis."  Despite all these articles few real facts are actually offered.

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