Of course: Henderson firefighters set to get pay hike under new deal


Happy Labor Day: Union support hits record low


Video: Explaining Card Check; Update


Union prevents learning


How will teachers' unions respond to robot teachers?

Many Americans seem upset that jobs are being "outsourced" overseas. Others are upset with Mexicans who immigrate, legally or otherwise, and are taking "American jobs." Both groups are worried about cheap labor "taking our jobs."


High quality teachers needed

All 50 states have teacher-certification requirements, the justification being that, in order to determine who is a qualified teacher, prospects must be subjected to a lengthy process of schooling and testing.  Typically, certified teachers have completed a degree in education (or have taken upwards of 30 hours of education-related coursework), completed a semester of student teaching and passed several hundred dollars worth of tests (which the would-be teachers usually pay to take).


Don't play with fire

This weekend, a commentary by Geoffrey Lawrence, a fiscal policy analyst at NPRI, appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, criticizing the ridiculously over-the-top pay of Clark County firemen. Fortunately for the firemen, their PR department has done a good job of convincing many people that they, like teachers and police officers, are sacrosanct entities and beyond human criticism.


Culinary Union to offer fries with latest whopper

In an effort to support Barrack Obama, the Culinary Union has resorted to telling outright distortions of the truth.


He didn't get the memo

Over the weekend, Terry Lanni, chairman and CEO of MGM Mirage, joined the tax-and-spend, big-government chorus in an article in which he called for more taxes on Nevada's businesses.


Defeating the unions

A recent Las Vegas Business Press article notes the growing strength of union membership in Nevada despite the national trend. Across the nation, unions have been greatly weakened thanks to global trade and market competition.

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