Assemblywoman Koivisto: Please close the schools that fail to educate children

At a recent legislative hearing, a witness remarked that Nevada should cut taxes and spending. Assemblywoman Ellen Koivisto (D, Clark County 14), however, responded briskly. She asked, "Which elementary, middle and high schools we should close because we have no money to keep them open?"


Death tax deception

Dick Patten, president of the American Family Business Institute and occasional NPRI writer, has a new piece out for Human Events in which he takes President Obama to task for his skullduggery over the death tax.


Having his cake and eating it too

Governor Gibbons created a budget that included a $292 million tax increase in the form of a room tax hike in Clark and Washoe Counties. The value of that tax has since been downgraded to $233 million. However, the governor, after including the tax hike in his budget will now refuse to sign the bill implementing the tax hike.


Rothbard on Bush, Obama

I've been reading Murray Rothbard's America's Great Depression recently to see what kind of insights into the current recession might be gleaned, given all of the noteworthy similarities. As he lays the theoretical underpinning of his argument, he offers the following passage, which I thought was pretty telling:


What's great about America

And it sure isn't politicians.


Surprise, surprise

Members of the Las Vegas City Council voted Wednesday to keep two ballot initiatives proposed by the Culinary Union off of the July ballot.


Gravity check


We should all be so lucky

This recent article in the Reno Gazette-Journal details how Reno City Manager Charles McNeely is the highest paid city manager in Nevada. Among other things, his contract allows him to take up to 79 days of paid time off...


New tweet from Sen. Coburn

Don't read this if you want to have a happy weekend.


One photo explains a trillion dollars

Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

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