Growth and development

Deregulation didn't do it

Our current economic crisis is more complicated than it is massive. Few people understand what is going on and even fewer know what to do about it. We know there is an investment banking crisis but not a traditional banking crisis (as of yet). Relatively speaking, unemployment numbers are not bad (especially when compared to continental Europe), and America's export industry is performing strongly. People on Main Street are still going about their lives as normal; it is Wall Street that is in a panic.


Self-sufficiency equals poverty

What is so great about buying local? Supporters of this idea say that the money will stay in the local market and be reinvested back in the community. They say our economy would be self-sufficient and sustainable.


Too many facts, sorry we can't publish that

Mr. Greenspun's opinion column "Keep on fighting the good fight for education Chancellor Rogers" assumes that government spending and education are the engines of economic growth (they are not) and believes that Nevada needs to raise taxes to increase funds for education.


Bailouts and Funny Money

Many newspaper editorial boards and supposed pundits across the country are busy blaming the mythical, supposedly laissez-faire and deregulated free market for our financial system's current disaster.


The Government can't create jobs

Recently the Center for American Progress and the Nevada Conservation League partnered to report on the economic impact of federal investments in clean energy in Nevada.


Simple economic errors

When you read some of the editorial pages in Nevada's newspapers, or one of Jim Rogers' letters, you'd be wise to read with a bit of skepticism. We hear claims about the government creating jobs, education driving economic development, and budget cuts destroying the economy.


Who killed the 65mpg car?

A few years back a left-of-center "documentary" titled "Who Killed the Electric Car" pointed the finger at GM as a member of some oil cabal trying to maintain the dominance of gas-powered cars for all eternity. Ironically, GM had done more than any other company in researching and developing the electric car.


My bad

Well, you can't be right all the time; I'm not omniscient, after all. Last week I reported Nevada's per-pupil spending to be $8,926. But I was wrong: It's higher.


He didn't get the memo

Over the weekend, Terry Lanni, chairman and CEO of MGM Mirage, joined the tax-and-spend, big-government chorus in an article in which he called for more taxes on Nevada's businesses.


Sunburned by the facts

The Las Vegas Sun continues its assault on education budget cuts, this time claiming that the cuts will destroy our economy. Not so fast, Las Vegas Sun editorial board. Let's inject some facts into this debate.

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