Camped-out leftist protestors highlight differences between takers and makers

Victor Joecks

A few leftists in Nevada are currently camping out on the lawn of the Capitol to try and generate support for the Democrats’ job-killing, $1.2 billion tax hike, which would be the largest tax hike in Nevada’s history.

Has the contrast between liberals and believers in limited, accountable government ever been clearer?

While leftists, mostly students and liberal activists from what I gathered on Twitter, have enough free time to literally camp out in an attempt to demand more money from other people, conservatives and libertarians are out working and attempting to better their own situations. What business owner, aside from those dependent of government contracts or favors, could afford to take three working days off and do nothing?

The problem with taking money from the productive members of society and giving their wealth to others is that the government is incentivizing everyone, especially entrepreneurs in society, to stop producing and just take the government’s money. Government, though, doesn’t create wealth and only has money because it takes it from the people who are working. What happens when the takers outnumber the producers? I hope we don’t find out.

The legislative campout offers legislators a clear choice: Are you going to support taking money from the “silent majority” – the overwhelming majority of Nevadans who are working to improve themselves without taxpayer dollars – and give it to individuals – most of whom already receive some form of government subsidy – who already have enough free time to spend three days camping out?

The dichotomy between the makers and takers has rarely been clearer.