Care to rephrase that?

Andy Matthews

A spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to explain why 11 House Democrats voted against the economic stimulus.

Via Politico:

Nearly all of the 11 Democrats who voted against the economic stimulus package Wednesday had an incentive other than the plan's hefty price tag: Nine of them hold districts carried by John McCain in 2008.

While none cited that fact when explaining why they bucked President Barack Obama and House Democratic leaders, there is little doubt that the conservative nature of their seats colored their votes.

"The speaker has said many times that the members are representative of their district," said Brendan Daly, a spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "Many of the districts are more conservative, and they campaigned on fiscal responsibility, and we understand that." (emphasis added)

That's pretty revealing, no?  Daly is basically saying that anyone who believes in fiscal responsibility is justified in being opposed to the stimulus plan.  That's probably not the best way to sell it.