CCEA contradicts itself: Will they or won’t they vote on a contract?

Victor Joecks

Last week, I reported that CCEA teachers will be voting on CCSD’s latest contract proposal today at their 4:30 p.m. meeting. In its most recent newsletter, CCEA wrote:

Your attendance at this meeting is critical because: … 2) Teachers will be making a decision on the district’s proposal.

But last week, when Jon Ralston asked CCEA Vice President Vikki Courtney about the meeting, Courtney said the meeting was informational only (5:03 mark).

There’s not going to be a vote. It’s just a chance to hear what [CCSD is] telling us, what’s been put there, and just to make some decisions. Maybe some ideas, or just give us some direction on where they would like to go.

So CCEA, which is it? Will teachers be “[m]aking a decision on the district’s proposal” or is there “not going to be a vote”?

I’m curious, but I bet teachers want to know even more than I do.