CCEA upset that NPRI is informing teachers they have options regarding CCEA membership

Victor Joecks

For the past few weeks, we at NPRI have been doing everything we can to let CCSD teachers know that they can opt out of the Clark County Education Association from July 1 to 15 by sending written notice to CCEA’s headquarters (an opt-out letter with CCEA’s address is here).

On Friday, we sent out an email to 12,000-plus teachers telling them directly that they are able to leave CCEA during the “July 1 to 15” window. The email contained this commentary, which tells teachers how to leave CCEA and five reasons teachers are doing so.

And, via the Las Vegas Sun, CCEA officials are not happy.

Still, union officials saw NPRI’s email blast as a direct attack on the union, which draws the majority of its funding from union dues. Union membership has been on the decline since the recession.

This is amazing isn’t it? All NPRI is doing is letting teachers know they have a choice about belonging to CCEA (but only for two weeks!) and letting teachers make an informed decision. We give teachers the chance to make their own choice.

Compare that to union officials. Union officials are upset teachers are learning that teachers have options. Union officials have put the opt-out period during the two most inconvenient weeks of the year for teachers. Union officials don’t want teachers to learn that alternative organizations like AAE offer better insurance and legal protection than CCEA at a fraction of the cost.

Why don’t union officials want teachers to make the choice that’s best for them?

When the legislature meets again, lawmakers should outlaw these restrictive “drop periods” and allow teachers and other public employees to leave their union whenever they want – just like they can join a union at anytime. Until then, though, CCSD teachers wanting to leave CCEA only have until July 15.

Tell a teacher you care about.