CCSD spends $1.1 million on iPads

Victor Joecks

Alternative headline: Why more money won’t fix education in Nevada. Or: Remember when we gave teachers apples, not Apple products?

For three yearsseriously, three years – leftists have told us that education in Nevada has been cut to the bone. And they implied that if you didn’t want to throw more money into education, you either hated children, wanted Nevada to become Somalia or both.

And now we learn that “cutting to the bone” in government means avoiding even the most obvious pots of pork.

Instead, Contact 13 crunched the numbers and found that the district spent nearly $1.1 million on 1,859 iPads over the last six months.

And although there is $136,000 more on school district credit cards for purchases from Apple stores, because the information isn’t centralized, the district couldn’t tell us exactly what was bought.

“A lot of our iPads are purchased through grant money,” Denson explains.

But most of the money, more than $800,000 of it, comes from the school district’s general fund. [Emphasis added]

I strongly encourage you to go to the 13 Action News website and watch the full report.

Seriously – $800,000 for iPads? From general fund dollars?

Less than a week after a CCSD trustee was crying while voting for the school district’s budget?

I don’t know whether leftists in Nevada are purposely dishonest or just embarrassingly ignorant, but this is the kind of story that should remind you not to believe their cries of doom and gloom.

When leftists start complaining about budget reductions, there’s just one response – don’t be fooled again!