CCSD wants higher taxes to fund a new $11.9 million gym for high school with … 84 students

Victor Joecks

A deal at “only” $140,000 per high school student. Can you say vanity project?

The school is Indian Springs, which is so small that it’s a K-12 facility with just 244 students total and only 84 high school students.

If the tax increase CCSD wants passes, this school is slated to receive a new $11.9 million gym. If that sounds like a lot of money, you’re right – it is!

As this video from Nevada Journal details, that’s what it cost to build UNLV’s state of the art Mendenhall Center, which is the practice facility for UNLV’s nationally ranked basketball team.

Favorite stat from the video is this. Number of students attending Indian Springs: 244

Number of students attending UNLV: 22,138.

And remember, CCSD says the Indian Springs gym is one of its most “crucial” needs. CCSD bureaucrats have said they need $4.6 billion more in the upcoming years for projects that they desire, but aren’t quite as critical as the Indian Springs gym.

Really CCSD? A high school with 84 students needs a gym that cost as much as UNLV’s 38,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art Mendenhall Center? That’s your definition of a “crucial” need? And you want another $4.6 billion for things that aren’t as important as that?

By the way, Indian Springs already has a gym.

There’s only one thing to say: Don’t be fooled again.