CCSD’s property-tax-increase proposal goes down in flames

Victor Joecks

In Clark County, which went for President Obama by a 56-42 margin, voters also emphatically rejected a tax increase pushed for by CCSD officials, 66 to 34.

The Clark County School District’s tax initiative to fund school renovations has failed.

The capital improvement plan lost steam even before the final votes were tallied Tuesday night, as more than two-thirds of voters said no to the tax increase in early voting.

That large margin persisted until the final results came in around midnight. The initiative was overwhelmingly rejected, 65.6 percent to 34.4 percent.

It’s great that voters overwhelmingly rejected more wasteful spending and saw through the district’s “woe is us” spin.

That didn’t stop district officials from continuing that spin immediately after the election, however.

“Triage” is what the School Board will have to do on a school-by-school basis from here on out, Board member Chris Garvey said late Tuesday night.

Yes, because the high school with 84 students just can’t live without a new $11.9 million gym. Good grief.