Celebrating Milton Friedman: Champion for liberty, free enterprise and educational freedom

Victor Joecks

July 31, 2012 would have been Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday.

Friedman, of course, was one of the 20th century’s greatest champions for the free market. One of his most enduring legacies is his championing of educational vouchers or other ways to give parents a choice in the education of their students.

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice is another part of his legacy and the Foundation helped facilitated over 100 events that were held today and celebrated his legacy. This included NPRI’s event earlier today with Dr. James W. Guthrie, Nevada’s current Superintendent. (We’re working on posting a video of that event, so stay tuned.)

Bonus: Here’s a great column by Steven Moore on Friedman and my favorite Friedman clip.