Climate change collusion?

Patrick Gibbons

Have climate change scientists been colluding with one another to manipulate the data in order to claim humans are the main cause of global warming? Hundreds of leaked e-mails from East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit suggest this might be the case. Patrick Michaels, a senior fellow at George Mason University and the Cato Institute, doesn’t think this is anything new. As an experienced climate scientist and global-warming skeptic, he claims that there has been an effort by SOME in the community to eliminate dissent – including preventing skeptics from being published in peer-reviewed journals and threatening skeptics with physical violence.

Time will tell who is right, but this provides more evidence as to why we probably shouldn’t jump head-first into expensive (and ineffective) socialist policies to “save the planet.”

Read some of the alleged emails here and here and some juicy tid-bits here. You can also learn more about “ClimateGate” at the Climate Depot.