“Climate change” policy could harm free trade

Patrick Gibbons

The movement to combat climate change is probably more about government control of the economy and ending free trade than anything else. Already some are calling for protectionist measures in the name of "saving the planet."

More recently, Energy Secretary Steven Chu suggested that tariffs could be used as "weapons" against countries that don't reduce their carbon outputs.

The Wall Street Journal offered a brilliant commentary on this growing threat to free trade:

"China and India are never going to endanger their own economic growth ­— and the chance to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty — merely to placate the climate neuroses of affluent Americans in Silicon Valley or Cambridge, Massachusetts. And they certainly won't do it under the threat of a tariff ultimatum."

The U.S. government, however, is putting our economy on a more and more perilous ledge, all in order to "save the planet" from "climate change" — a phenomenon over which it has no control.